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Trapper2  Trading On USD/JPY 15 Minute Chart

Trapper2 has been optimized to run on a USD/JPY 15 minute chart, while simultaneously running on the GBP/USD 15 min chart, as usual.

USD/JPY has a low cost of trading with tight spreads, and has a relatively low average daily range as compared to other instruments, making it an ideal addition to our automated trading regimen. On the 15 minute time frame takes trades every day and loses a lot of the time. The strategy on USDJPY is aiming for break-even in between substantial winning sprees. Some years the winning sprees break out several times during the year, and other years the winning sprees are more regular. The idea is that it can break even in the meantime while it waits for the market to produce.

The following input parameters are optimal for trading on USD/JPY 15 Minute chart for 2014. (click to enlarge)

chart 1

1.  USD/JPY 15 minute chart.

2.  Remember to input your registered User ID and registered Email.

3. Lot size should be $0.50 pip per $1,000 in the account.

4. Profit is 30, and Stop is 90.

5. I do not use the Revenge Trades.

You can read more about how the input parameters are designed in the Settings section.

Good luck to you and to me!
Go Trapper2!